Urgent Care Vs. Emergency Room

Urgent Care vs Emergency Care

Is an Urgent Illness or Injury Always an Emergency? Whether you’re suddenly stricken with a migraine or fever, a visit to your primary-care doctor is not always an option. Due to a reduction in available primary-care appointments and limited office hours, you may need to decide between enduring the emergency room or walking into an…Keep Reading



School Physicals Winter Haven

What Is Included In A School Physical?

What Is Included In A School Physical? It is important to keep your child as healthy and fit as possible right through their school life. In order to do this, it is essential that you have a physical assessment done every year so that any problems can be treated as soon as possible. The best…Keep Reading



Schedule Your Childs Physical

School Physicals – What You Need to Know

Summer is in full swing and the new school year is quickly approaching, so if your child has not had his or her Back to School Physical Exam it is very important to schedule one soon! Not only is it a school requirement for kindergarteners and new students, but it is also wise for a…Keep Reading



Sports and Camp Physicals Pediatric Partners

Sports Physicals for Kids – What You Need to Know

A sports physical is necessary for children at any age because it determines whether they are fit enough to play a particular sport. Children are always prone to injuries and may have medical histories which would make it dangerous for them to exert themselves. A physical exam is the best way to detect these problems…Keep Reading



Children Allergies Pediatric Partners

Children and Allergies

Children and Allergies Allergies are reactions by the immune system to a foreign body. An allergic reaction occurs when the immune system tries to throw this foreign body out and does so in the form of a rash, asthma, swelling, food allergies etc. Allergies in Children The immune system of children is still developing so…Keep Reading



Children's Headaches Pediatric Partners

Children’s Headaches

HOW TO TREAT HEADACHES IN CHILDREN Children are just as prone to headaches as adults are. Though what causes these headaches and their symptoms may be very similar to that of adults, there are a few distinguishing factors that are important to understand. RECOGNIZING THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF HEADACHES IN CHILDREN IT IS IMPORTANT TO…Keep Reading



A young girl wears a respirator

Pediatric Partners Children’s Asthma

Pediatric Partners Children’s Asthma Asthma is a condition which affects the lungs and airways, making it difficult for the person to breathe normally. Asthma in children is common but it is also easier to cure when they are younger. Some children may suffer from an asthma attack only for a few times before it disappears….Keep Reading



Child Obesity

Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity Obesity in America has been increasing at an alarming extent over the past 30 years. According to a study in 2012, obesity among children has risen to a rate of 18% between the ages 6 to 11. Being overweight can be caused by an increase in weight due to a number of factors…Keep Reading



Minor Injuries Pediatric Partners

Minor Injuries

A GUIDE TO THE PROPER TREATMENT OF MINOR INJURIES IN CHILDREN AND TEENS One of the major hallmarks of childhood are the bumps, bruises and scrapes that seem to pop up out of nowhere, on a daily basis. While children play hard and minor injuries are just one more part of growing up, it is…Keep Reading



Tonsils Pediatric Partners

Tonsils and Adenoids

THE CONNECTION BETWEEN TONSILS AND ADENOIDS AND INFECTIONS For decades, having your tonsils and adenoids removed during childhood was like a rite of passage. However, these days, unless an infection is detected and it is imperative that they be removed, most children will reach their teens and into adulthood with their adenoids and tonsils intact….Keep Reading

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