Little girl blowing her nose

Seasonal Allergies

Share List Common Triggers That Lead To Seasonal Allergies In Children A change in the weather can often bring out a runny nose or sneezing fit in your child. While this may just be a one-time illness, if it comes up every year around the same season, it is likely that your child has a…Keep Reading



Little girl having swim lessons

The Importance of Water Safety

Share List Roughly one in five people who die from drowning each year are children, and it’s possible for a child to drown in even just an inch of water. These deaths are most common during the summer months, with many occurring between May and August. In order to keep your children safe this summer,…Keep Reading



Little Girl Blowing Flower

How To Keep Your Child Happy During Seasonal Allergies

Share List Caring for children can be a lot of work. They are always full of energy, running around everywhere, causing chaos. However during allergy season, they can become quite unhappy and be even more difficult to control. Allergies can cause symptoms such as a runny nose and itchy skin making them feel unhappy. Nothing…Keep Reading



Little Boy Eating Watermelon as a Healthy Snack

Kids And ‎Nutrition Healthy Eating Habits‬

Share List Most parents, at some stage, get worried that their child is unhealthy. With the easy access to junk food and generally bad eating habits practiced by most kids, children often get on to a bad diet and this can be bad for the kids health. The trick is to get them used to…Keep Reading



Baby Safe Spring Cleaning Tips

5 Baby Safe Spring Cleaning Tips

Share List Baby Safe Spring Cleaning Tips  Springtime is a beautiful season and also a perfect time of year to clean and detoxify your home. But keeping your family in good health and your home clean can be easier said than done.  In the past, moms were not exposed to the hazards of common cleaning chemicals, but now that they are common…Keep Reading



A doctor checks a young girl for strep throat

Ear, Nose and Throat Illnesses

Share List Ear, Nose and Throat Illnesses In Children An ear, nose and throat illness could be caused due to an infection, bacteria or an allergy. If not checked by a doctor, your child’s development could be hampered. Right from a simple sore throat to ear pain, keep a lookout for common signs and symptoms…Keep Reading



Healthy Electronic Habits

Healthy Electronic Habits For Children

Share List Parents have put restrictions on the amount of tech-time their kids can spend in front of TV screens for years. Nowadays parents have a myriad of devices to worry about. From iPods, tablets and computers, to video games and digital toys, the task of establishing healthy electronics habits for children is becoming a difficult one for…Keep Reading



Four children pose with a soccer ball

Kids & Exercise

Share List 3 Benefits Of Teaching Your Child To Exercise Exercise is essential for everyone, particularly children. Although it may seem like your child is always being active by running around, it is important to involve them in sports and encourage exercise. This gives them something to be excited about while keeping them occupied. Here are…Keep Reading



Follow An Immunization Schedule

Why Your Child Should Follow An Immunization Schedule

Share List Although the significance of vaccinating children is widely recognized, it is also essential to understand the importance of adhering to an immunization schedule. These schedules are determined and evaluated by leading experts each year, taking the most recent scientific data into consideration. They are then approved by the American Academy of Family Physicians,…Keep Reading



Four children play in the park

The Health Benefits Of Play

Share List More so than you may think, the importance of playtime is not just child’s play. Playtime is actually vitally important for the development and overall health of your children. Playing is how children exercise and it is good for their little bodies. This is because cardiovascular exercise helps to freshly oxygenate the blood. Freshly oxygenated blood from playtime helps children…Keep Reading

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