Urinary Pediatric Partners

Urinary Tract Infections

Share List UTI IN CHILDREN: CAUSES, DIAGNOSIS, TREATMENT AND PREVENTION A UTI or Urinary Tract Infection is not an uncommon issue in children. When a UTI occurs, children are often unable to accurately describe what they are feeling, so parents are unable to determine what is causing their discomfort. WHAT CAUSES URINARY TRACT INFECTION? A…Keep Reading



Ear Infections Pediatric Partners

Ear Infections

Share List HEARING LOSS IN CHILDREN SIGNS OF HEARING LOSS IN CHILDREN Hearing, especially in children, is critical to speech and language development. If your child is suffering from hearing loss, in one ear or both, and the condition goes untreated, it could set him/her back developmentally for years. Children with listening difficulties that are…Keep Reading



Strep Throat Pediatric Partners

Strep Throat

Share List RECOGNIZING THE SYMPTOMS OF STREP THROAT IN CHILDREN Strep throat in children is often mistaken for sore throat or tonsillitis, but there are significant clinical differences that distinguish these three conditions. Recognizing these differences is the key to proper diagnosis. CAUSES AND SYMPTOMS OF STREP THROAT Strep throat infection is caused by the…Keep Reading



Children's Headaches Pediatric Partners

Children’s Headaches

Share List HOW TO TREAT HEADACHES IN CHILDREN Children are just as prone to headaches as adults are. Though what causes these headaches and their symptoms may be very similar to that of adults, there are a few distinguishing factors that are important to understand. RECOGNIZING THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF HEADACHES IN CHILDREN IT IS…Keep Reading



Child Obesity

Childhood Obesity

Share List Childhood Obesity Obesity in America has been increasing at an alarming extent over the past 30 years. According to a study in 2012, obesity among children has risen to a rate of 18% between the ages 6 to 11. Being overweight can be caused by an increase in weight due to a number…Keep Reading



Minor Injuries Pediatric Partners

Minor Injuries

Share List A GUIDE TO THE PROPER TREATMENT OF MINOR INJURIES IN CHILDREN AND TEENS One of the major hallmarks of childhood are the bumps, bruises and scrapes that seem to pop up out of nowhere, on a daily basis. While children play hard and minor injuries are just one more part of growing up,…Keep Reading



Tonsils Pediatric Partners

Tonsils and Adenoids

Share List THE CONNECTION BETWEEN TONSILS AND ADENOIDS AND INFECTIONS For decades, having your tonsils and adenoids removed during childhood was like a rite of passage. However, these days, unless an infection is detected and it is imperative that they be removed, most children will reach their teens and into adulthood with their adenoids and…Keep Reading



Sinus Infections Pediatric Partners

Sinus Infections

Share List THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SINUS INFECTION AND THE COMMON COLD Can you tell the difference between a cold and something more difficult, like sinusitis, otherwise known as a sinus infection? Though symptoms are similar, the two conditions are treated differently, which is why it is important to understand the origins of a sinus…Keep Reading



Summer Breathing Issues Pediatric Partners

Summer Breathing Issues

Share List HOW TO DEAL WITH SUMMER BREATHING ISSUES IN CHILDREN For kids with breathing issues, the summer can be a particularly difficult time. Heavy air and changes in weather can lead to shortness of breath in some children, especially those who suffer from asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and COPD. However, in addition to acquiring…Keep Reading



Upper Respiratory Infection Pediatric Partners

Upper Respiratory Infection

Share List THE ROOT CAUSES OF UPPER RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS Most upper respiratory infections, which include mild cases of cold and flu, as well as the more serious conditions like bronchitis and pneumonia, all affect the nose, mouth, sinuses and throat, otherwise known as the upper respiratory system. The root causes of these conditions are usually…Keep Reading

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