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  1. Flu Or A Cold

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    How Do You Know If Your Child Has The Flu Or A Cold?

    Flu symptoms have several similarities with cold symptoms, which often make it so difficult to distinguish between the flu or a cold. However, it is important to be able to tell the difference between flu or a cold as they both require completely different treatments. Without knowing the difference you could mistakenly over-medicate your child with flu treatment, when all they really have is a cold. This could lead to a whole lot of other problems.

    Not sure whether your child has the cold or the flu? At Pediatric Partners you will find highly trained and qualified pediatricians who will do a thorough diagnosis and will accordingly prescribe medication to help your child recover faster. Call to schedule an appointment today.

    A look at the symptoms of the flu and cold will help you recognize the difference the next time your child sneezes or has the sniffles.

    Cold Symptoms

    The common cold is caused by a virus. Symptoms of a cold may include some or all of the following:

    • Runny or stuffy nose
    • Sneezing
    • Coughing
    • Sore throat
    • Headache
    • Feeling tired and achy
    • Low fever of about 100°F to 101°F

    In most cases, a cold will last about 3 to 10 days. Very rarely, and only in very severe cases, the symptoms may last up to 2 weeks.

    Flu Symptoms

    The flu too is caused by a virus but it is different from the one that causes colds. The flu virus is more prevalent between the month of October and May. Flu symptoms may include:

    • Fever that is usually higher than 100°F
    • Body ache and headache
    • Cough

    These symptoms may be accompanied by a runny nose and sore throat. The flu usually lasts about one to two weeks.

    Differences in Treatment

    Both, flu or a cold are caused by viruses. They cannot be killed by antibiotics. Taking antibiotics could end up causing more harm and should be avoided.

    Treatment for cold symptoms in children usually involves giving medication to ease their stuffy nose and sinuses and to alleviate the pain. If there is excessive coughing, cough suppressants are sometimes prescribed to soothe the throat. Plenty of vitamin C can help boost your child’s immunity. It is also important to ensure they stay hydrated and get enough sleep when you they a cold.

    Treating for flu symptoms is almost similar. The Pediatrician will prescribe mild, child-friendly medication to reduce fever and to ease the body aches. As with colds, it is important to ensure that your child stays hydrated and gets enough sleep during this time.

    It is advisable to keep your child at home whether they have the flu or a cold. This is to prevent it from spreading as both are contagious.

  2. Flu Season: How Sick is Too Sick for School?

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    With flu season in full swing, it can be hard to know if your child is too sick for school or just feeling slightly under the weather. Oftentimes, it can be tricky to decide whether your child should stay home or is well enough to attend school.

    Flu Season Precautions

    At Pediatric Partners, our board-certified physicians recommend that you look for signs of a fever, cough, and runny nose, which are all connected with the flu. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the flu has reached epidemic levels in our country this season. In December 2014, four percent of Americans reported flu symptoms, the highest percentage since December 2010.

    Pediatric Partners suggests keeping your child home from school for at least 24 hours after any fever is gone, and is backed by the CDC on this suggestion. Furthermore, the ultimate way to protect children against getting the flu is to get them vaccinated, planning ahead of the upcoming flu season. The health providers at Pediatric Partners highly recommend the flu shot to anyone older than six months. Doing so can help eliminate symptoms that can lead to more serious health issues like respiratory infections and guards your child from germs at school.

    Since the flu vaccine stays up-to-date with new, scientific breakthroughs and medicinal improvements each flu season, a new flu shot should be administered each year to ensure your child receives the most current formula. If your child is not currently vaccinated for the flu through a flu shot, call Pediatric Partners today at 863-293-2144 to schedule an appointment for a flu shot.

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