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  1. Causes And Effects Of Childhood Obesity

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    The statistics of childhood obesity in the US are alarming. Take a look at some of the facts:

    •    Over the past 30 years, the number of overweight children in American has more than doubled.
    •    In 1980, the percentage of 6 – 11 year olds who were overweight was 7%. In 2012, statistics indicate that more than 30% of children and adolescents were overweight or obese.
    •    Studies show that children who were obese even at the early age of two were more likely to be obese as adults.

    This is not good news at all. Childhood obesity has adverse effects on kids’ health and well-being, in the short-term as well as long-term.

    Causes of Obesity In Children

    The most common reasons why children become overweight and obese today are lack of physical activity and indulging in an unhealthy diet that consists of high calories and zero nutrition. Today children spend far too much time on the couch, watching television, playing video games or browsing the internet. As these activities become increasingly more popular, there is a corresponding decrease in the number of hours spent doing any physical activity.

    Genetic factors also play a role but this can be overcome with the right combination of exercise and healthy child nutrition.

    The Big Concern About Obesity In Children

    Children who are obese can suffer from wide-ranging health effects well into adulthood.

    Some of the immediate health effects include:

    •    Obese children are at greater risk for developing high blood pressure and high cholesterol as well as cardiovascular diseases.
    •    Obese adolescents are at greater risk to have pre-diabetes, a condition in which the higher-than-normal blood glucose levels indicate a higher likelihood to for the development of diabetes.
    •    Obese children and adolescents have a greater likelihood of suffering from sleep apnea, bone and joint problems and a range of psychological and social problems such as low self-esteem and stigmatization.

    Long-term effects of childhood obesity include:

    •    Children who are obese are more likely to be obese as adults and as obese adults they are more at risk for developing different a wide range of ailments including stroke, heart disease and osteoarthritis.
    •    Obesity is also associated with increased risk for several types of cancer.

    Can Childhood Obesity Be Prevented?

    Eating a healthy diet and increasing physical activity are the two of the key steps in helping children stay at a healthy weight. However, it is advisable to consult with your child’s pediatrician before you put your child on any type of weight loss program. The pediatrician will recommend a customized diet and exercise regimen that is safe and healthy for your child.

    Childhood obesity is a cause for concern as it can potentially cause a host of problems for children well into adulthood. The doctors at Pediatric Partners have had several years of experience helping children maintain a healthy weight. Call them today to schedule an appointment.

  2. Causes of Childhood Obesity

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    You’ve probably heard a great deal about childhood obesity in recent years and there is certainly cause for concern. However, obese children have long borne the brunt of negative comments from peers, doctors, teachers and other adults. Rather than adding to this issue, it is important to a child’s self esteem that adults address the problem in a safe, relaxed way that helps to resolve issues without making the child feel blame or embarrassment.


    Obesity in children is caused by factors such as overeating, poor diet, lack of physical activity and genetic history. One of the first and most important steps you as a parent can take in fighting childhood obesity is to educate yourself on proper child nutrition and evaluate your child’s current diet. If there is a large concentration of processed, fatty, fried or sugary foods in the diet, make changes to the way you cook and the foods you buy. Asking your child’s school to address this issue is also a good plan!



    • Include more fresh fruits and veggies into your kid’s diet and offer lean meats rather than fried or fattier cuts.
    • Avoid fast food. Even with a very busy schedule, there is time for cooking a bag of frozen veggies instead of purchasing a bag of fries!
    • Eating boneless, skinless chicken breast baked or broiled in the oven is not only healthier, it is often tastier.
    • Even desserts can be made healthier if you take the time to make it at home with healthier ingredients. For example, a bowl of sliced fruit with plain yogurt is a delicious and much healthier alternative to sugar-filled desserts like processed candies, cakes and cookies.

    Obesity in children can also be resolved with the aid of fitness regimens. One of the most effective options is to organize daily activities as a family. Taking a hike in the local wildlife preserve or going on a group bike ride are great ideas! Planning fitness outings that involve the whole family changes exercise from a chore into something fun. Additionally, these activities can increase the bond between parent and child.

    Childhood obesity need not become a threat to your child’s health or your parent-child relationship. Make an appointment today to get a fresh start on great childhood nutrition and healthier kids!

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