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  1. Summer Boredom Busters

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    We’re nearing the golden summer months that children dream of while they work hard in school and wish for when they’re inside completing their homework. With weeks of fun ahead, it’s inevitable that you’ll need some plans to keep your kids entertained. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank every time you take your kids out. Here at Pediatric Partners, we’ve put together some tips to help keep the boredom at bay. Bring on the summer!

    Treasure Hunt

    Putting together a treasure hunt can take a bit of planning and you’ll need to get creative, but the results are worth it. Up the stakes and offer some prizes so that your kids are even more determined to take part (it can encourage some healthy competition among participants too). Treasure hunts are a great way of getting your children to follow clues and think logically, so it has an educational aspect as well.


    Getting your kids used to the kitchen and confident about making basic recipes is a really good idea for the future. You can also have heaps of fun, as you try different ingredients and test out your culinary creations. Things can get messy in the kitchen, but it’s all part of the process, and you don’t have to be making Michelin-star- standard food to have fun. Baking cakes is a really good task to start with and will give you and your kids some tasty treats at the end of it while encouraging your children to get more adventurous in the kitchen. Baking cakes can provide a sense of achievement and a full tummy!

    Local Attractions

    If you take a look around your local community, you’ll be sure to find some attractions that are worth a day trip. It’s easy to overlook things on your doorstep, but nearby museums, galleries, or landmarks can teach your children about local history and help them appreciate what’s around them. A lot of museums and galleries offer free admission or discounts for children, so it can be a cost-effective day out. If you research attractions around the vacation season, you might find some that have special clubs and schemes throughout the summer season too.


    All you need to do is step out the door and you can be in the midst of nature. If you take your kids to the countryside, animal reserves, or national parks, they can learn about wildlife, the environment, and their impact on the natural world. Show your children there’s more to life than smartphones, tablets, and other technology. The best thing about nature-related activities is that they’re mainly free and nature is everywhere to explore; there are things you can teach your children from the moment you leave your home. There’s lots of fun to be had outside, and you can give your kids new perspectives and help them to appreciate and look after their environment.

    Home Cinema

    Watching a DVD is a great treat for your kids and a sure-fire way to help relieve some boredom by putting them in front of their favorite film. Why not make the whole experience a bit more exciting though? Dim the lights, grab some beanbags, get the popcorn ready, and turn your living room into a cinema. If you have a projector, then even better, you can project your kids’ favorite film onto a nearby wall and make it bigger and better than normal. This makes watching a film more of an occasion and increases the fun factor for your kids. Keep in mind that there should be no screen time for children under 2, and that screen time should be limited to no more than 2 hours per day.

    At Pediatric Partners, children are at the heart of everything we do. If you have any concerns about your children’s health or wellbeing, let our experienced staff offer expert help and advice.

  2. Create A Family Summer Bucket List

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    Can you believe school is out and summer is already here?

    A child’s aptitude for adventure and exploration is never-ending, and the idea of summer to a child presents a perfect opportunity to accomplish anything! The thought of 10 weeks of freedom to go to the beach, play with friends, explore the backyard, and catch fireflies can make summer seem endless. Yet, as a parent, summer seems to fly by! One minute you’re watching the Fourth of July fireworks with your kids, friends, and family by your side, and the next you’re back-to-school shopping and relishing Labor Day weekend. Summer can mean different things to everyone in your family, yet there’s something indescribable about it… something worthy of being treasured and carefully planned out.

    We at Pediatric Partners in Winter Haven, Florida have found that creating a summer bucket list can be a fun, interactive tool for your family and it can also stave off boredom. When the dreaded, “I’m bored,” descends upon the faces of your children, a quick glance at your family’s bucket list can hold the perfect, fun-filled solution that promotes exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

    Check out six of our bucket list ideas for great, local family summer fun:

    1. Pack a healthy picnic and go for a bike ride along  Fort Fraser Trail.

    2. Finally call up crazy Auntie Anne (we never get to see her during the school year) and see if we can take her out for frozen yogurt and a movie.

    3. Take a trip to the  Explorations V Children’s Museum  in Lakeland.

    4. Build a fort made entirely out of bed sheets, connecting all the rooms in the house.

    5. One word:  LEGOLAND!

    6. Take a family hike through  Bok Tower Gardens  and learn something new about nature.

    Now don’t get us wrong; over-scheduled summers are difficult to enjoy. But what better way is there to organize your family’s ideas for summer fun than creating a summer bucket list? With so much to do and so little time to do it, a written list of suggested plans can help guide your kids and family to having a relaxing, healthy, and fun-filled summer. Not only does a written list clarify the activities that you as the parent are committed to, but it also provides an opportunity for your children to be involved in decisions and practice great communication and organization skills, too

    For children young and old, the most important part of this list is the joy it brings. Be prepared to be amazed at what your child may contribute to your family’s list. Even your teens and preteens have favorite summer traditions that you may think they have outgrown. Choosing an activity that your child contributed, validating their suggestion, involving them in the planning, and enjoying your time together will fill your bucket to the brim while encouraging healthy child development.


    We’re excited to see what activities you’re going to put on your list this summer and welcome you to share your ideas with us below! We want to hear from you on our Facebook too; like and follow us and be sure to share more ideas for local summer fun!

  3. Water Safety for Kids: Helpful Tips for Fun in the Sun

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    With summer right around the corner, parents and children alike are preparing themselves for hot days sitting in sandy shade, splashing at the pool, and the echoing voices of “Marco?” “Polo!” While wading through water can provide much-needed relief from the scorching summer sun, water safety for kids becomes a big concern for parents this time of year. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to keeping your young ‘uns safe at the beach or pool.

    Water Safety for Kids Tip #1: Supervision is Key

    Children ages 14 and younger are the most likely age group to die from drowning, and the rates are even higher for children up to age four. What’s more, children are more likely to drown in Florida than they are in any other state. As such, constant supervision is key when children are near water. Being an active water watcher means always keeping an eye on swimmers, never letting distractions like cell phones get the best of you while your children are swimming.

    Water Safety for Kids Tip #2: Invest in Swimming Lessons and Life Jackets

    For optimal water safety for kids, swimming lessons are recommended for children as early as the age of one, per the American Academy of Pediatrics. Keep in mind that even if your child knows how to swim, they should always be wearing a life jacket, especially if they are under the age of four or when riding in a boat. Additionally, if your child is swimming in open water such as a beach or lake, always choose a site with lifeguards.

    Water Safety for Kids Tip #3: Be Prepared for Anything

    Even with constant supervision, swimming lessons, and the use of life jackets or other flotation devices, accidents and injuries can still happen. Be prepared for anything by having an emergency first aid kit on hand at all times, having a cell phone ready to dial 911, and taking a CPR certification class. Knowing CPR can mean the difference between life and death for your child.

    Water Safety for Kids Tip #4: Don’t Forget Sunscreen, Snacks, and Hydration

    The most important thing is your child’s safety, and water safety for kids doesn’t end at supervision and swim lessons alone — sunscreen, snacks, and hydration are all part of keeping your family healthy and hazard-free when at the pool or beach. Keep plenty of food on hand to help to prevent against hypoglycemia or faintness, especially in the heat. Sunscreen will protect your child’s skin, while hydration will help prevent overheating and keep the body cool and functioning as it should.

    Keep Your Kids Safe and Healthy This Summer

    To help keep your kids healthy this summer and throughout the rest of the year, call 863-293-2144 to schedule a medical checkup at Pediatric Partners in Winter Haven, Florida. Our team of providers can help answer any questions that you have about health and wellness for your children.

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