Yearly Physicals

Why Yearly Physicals Are So Important For Children

Yearly physicals for children are also known as well-child visits. A yearly physical essentially involves taking your child for a medical checkup when they are well. It may seem contradictory at first. Why should any parent take their child to a pediatrician if the child is okay?

Yearly physicals allow the pediatrician or a primary care physician to keep a watchful eye on the child’s general health and development. Call Pediatric Partners today to schedule a yearly physical for your child.

The answer may surprise you. Yearly physicals are absolutely crucial for the growth and development of a healthy child. This is because children grow and develop rapidly during their first few years. Yearly physicals allow the pediatrician or a primary care physician to keep a watchful eye on the child’s general health and development.

How Yearly Physicals Work

During a well-child visit, the pediatrician or primary care physician will perform a complete check-up of your child. They will measure your child’s weight and height, check their blood pressure and examine their eyes and ears for any signs of visual or hearing related problems. They will also measure your child’s head circumference. All of these measurements are recorded in a growth chart that will become as a crucial part of your child’s medical history.

At every visit, the pediatrician will make a record of the various measurements. They will also make a note of their various observations. By comparing notes that they make at each visit, they can identify potential problem areas and take precautionary measures to prevent any potential problems.

Why More Yearly Physicals Are Important When Children Are Younger

A new born baby undergoes tremendous changes in the first year itself. During the next few years there are several changes that take place and because different children grow and develop at a different pace, some abnormalities may go unnoticed till it is too late.

When you take your child for yearly well-child visits, the doctor will advise you on what to look for and will address any concerns that you may have. Most new parents have several questions about their child’s development during these crucial years. The pediatrician will answer all your questions, whether they are related to sleep, childhood diseases, safety issues or what to expect as our child grows.

It is always a good idea to make a written list of all of your questions and concerns so that the doctor can soothe your fears. As your baby grows older, yearly physicals will begin to include other health and wellness aspects such interaction with other children, speech and learning development and any family relationships issues.

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